Thursday, July 10, 2014

Am I A Teacher Hoarder?

Went into school - first time since our last teacher day - and started sorting through my things.  Bad news is - 95% of it is MINE!  Some of it, I can leave for the next teacher.  Other things, I'm trying to scrutinize and leave for my team members to use.  Most of it, though, I'm looking at and either can't part with it or have that "I MAY be able to use this next year."  My goal though is if I DON'T use it next year, then I'll "donate" to my fellow teachers!

Just to give you an idea of what I'm working with:

So far, one metal cabinet, my desk, and the shelf above the coat closet are clear.  I'm HOPING to be done by this Friday, since I know whoever is coming into my former room will be anxious to move in!  Well, I can't move my things just yet, but can at least have them in a pile by the door!

The other news is that I have finally set up a twitter and facebook page!  Woo woo!  While I may not be celebrating in Vegas this week - so jealous of those that get to go (my husband said NO WAY was I going near slot machines!) - I'm trying to feel productive!

My facebook page is (because "Whatdoesthefoxread" was taken!).  As for twitter, I am @doesthefoxread (because I ran out of room!).  I'm hoping to get these up and running soon.  I "tweeted" for my first time tonight!  Not sure if I'm going to use it solely for school at this point, or connect it to my teacher blog. 

The other thing I've managed to accomplish (while biting my nails waiting to hear about this "new position") was a "Sunny Days" Math and Literacy Centers!  Right now, I have it on sale for $3.50 on TPT, so you might want to check it out!  It's 5 math and 5 literacy centers with a summery sunny theme.  I created it for end of year Kindergarten/beginning of year first and lower second grade students.  I hope you'll check it out!  Click on the link or title picture below to see more.


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