Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Blessings and Cyber Sales!

First, I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!  I know that I'm blessed to have a job, a family in relatively good health and happiness, a home, and love. It's not something I know we always reflect on, but after spending time with my students having them list things they are thankful for, it puts it into perspective!

This week, we were full of turkey projects!  We created turkeys for skip counting, turkeys to show our thanks, and turkey glyphs!  I told my students that their parents are going to think I'm in love with turkeys!!!  But turkeys are so much fun, and you can do so much with the feathers!  I know I've created two packs of turkey projects - one on skip counting, and the other on place value!

We also did one of my favorite projects - turkey calls!  Years ago, I talked to the Wild Turkey Federation at our State Fair, and came away with a very cool teacher kit!  Since then, I've always done a turkey study and we create turkey calls from plastic cups, twine, and a toothpick.  Very simple, easy, and the kids love it!  Last year I paired it with a powerpoint with photographs of turkeys.

Living where we do, I know we often see wild turkeys crossing the road or in fields.  They like to hang out in my neighborhood since we don't allow hunting!  However, it's nice to add the education for the kids as well!

Last but not least, SALES!

My Teachers Notebook store is on sale for 50% off - every product - until next Wednesday, December 4th.

Teachers Pay Teachers is also sponsoring a "Cyber Sale" on Monday and Tuesday. I'm also offering 20% off my store to make it 28% off!

160 × 200 

I know I'm stocking up on my wishlist items!  I'm sure there will be a linky out there somewhere about what you buy! :)  I'm also hoping to score a Kindle for my daughter for Christmas, so I'm actually going out Thanksgiving Day to Staples at 8pm.  I worked too long in retail to do the "6am" thing on Black Friday, but I think I can handle 8pm.  Wish me luck! :)


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