Sunday, November 3, 2013


Figured the title said it all :)

Wanted to share some things we've been doing this week, as well as upcoming events (including the freebies!).

Last week, we focused on pumpkins.  I LOVE themes!  Unfortunately, half the times I decide on a theme, I have so many ideas in my head/things I find that *POOF* the week is done and I haven't done everything OR I gather everything and somehow, it just doesn't happen :(

So, "Pumpkin Week" turned into 2 days due to testing, scheduling, etc.  No worries.  The kids still had a BLAST and it was great for my kiddos who do not celebrate Halloween! Check out the pics of what's in the hallway.  I was SO proud when we compared/contrasted fiction vs. nonfiction books about pumpkins.  My kiddos determined that to go get factual information, a nonfiction book was best. 

Our "spooky grammar tree" which has noun pumpkins and verb bats.  Soon to be added:  adjective leaves!
 Pumpkin Facts on cutouts
 Pumpkin glyphs from 2 Super Teachers (freebie)
 Pumpkin Facts (as soon as I find out which pack I got this from, I'll edit this post and link it!)
 Pumpkin Diagrams click {here} for this freebie!
 Our population graphs from our Communities:  Past and Present unit
 Pumpkin Can/Have/Are
 So proud of my kiddos comparing books - From Seed to Pumpkin (nonfiction) and Pumpkin Town (fiction)
 A "pulled back" view

Now, on to this week.  I am scrambling to fit in all my ideas for the upcoming events, including election day (which we have OFF...this is only the 2nd time since I've worked in my district.  LOVING IT!).  I created a book I will either try to fit in on Monday or just have to settle to do it Wednesday.

We've already covered our citizenship unit, but my kiddos love taking books home, so I created this one {here}.  I have reading levels in my room from PrePrimer to sixth grade, so the wording is about as easy as I could make it without talking down to my higher readers.  I hope you can use it!

Also, in preparation for next week, I created a Veteran's Day printable book as well.  Find that {here}.  

I hope you can use the ideas and freebies!  Happy November! :) 

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


Karen Ganon said...

Thank you for your generosity and sharing! I really like the books you create.

Jamie knefely said...

Thank your for sharing. Your grammar tree turned out really cute!


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that you have a typo on your Veterans Day printable book. You wrote the ending date as November 11, 1911 rather than November 11, 1918. :)

Rebecca Reid said...

I love the grammar tree idea!

Mrs. Youel said...

Whoops! Thanks Vanessa...must've had my Pawpaw in mind (he was born in 1911). It's been corrected. Please redownload for the correct version :)

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