Friday, June 7, 2013

Bloggy Vacation, Instagram, and Yikes! Room Theme???

So, um, I took a little bloggy vacation and finally joined the ranks on Instagram!

My friend really encouraged me to take part in "Teacher Talk Tuesday" (#teachertalktuesday) on Instagram so I created an account.  You can find me as "adventuresinsecondgrade".  Please feel free to follow me!  Right now, I have the pics that were on my phone from our last day of school with Field Day and our Minute to Win It games! 

So, other than that, I have to admit, I haven't been very productive, other than trolling thru Pinterest, telling myself that it counts as my "1 teacher thing/day" I promised myself this summer! ;)  That, and helping out a friend in her classroom pack it up and start getting it organized!  She's already created a theme AND colors for next year! Whew!  Made me start thinking of my own theme...something with meerkats, but not quite sure WHAT...safari?  zoo?  Hmm...thinking on that one.  (Add another thing to the list!).

A big part of my to-do list was to clean up some of my end of year unit activities and share them!

In second grade in Virginia, we study ancient China and Egypt.  It's fun, especially since several years ago I earned a Playmobil grant and have many of the Egyptian line in my classroom for students to create with! 

One thing I created for my kiddos this year was an activity booklet on both cultures.  After my success with the paper bag books during our Famous Americans unit, I wanted an "active" book for them to contribute to as well as help me check that they were comprehending!

So....after many fights with the copier, I finally managed to have the booklets in order so that you can copy them double-sided.  When I say fights, I mean.....after doing a set of Egyptian ones BACKWARDS I told my kids it was okay, because in the Arab world they read stories right to left, not left to right, so we were okay. 

They liked that idea so well most of them decided to write their names backwards on their book!  Ha ha!  They are ALL too familiar of my fights with the copier (and that sometimes, the copier wins!).

So, without further ado, here's a peek at my books! I'm pretty proud of them! All clipart was from public domain or Microsoft.  I created them in Publisher but locked 'em into PDFs so I couldn't mess them up anymore! :)  Click {here} to see them closer in TpT and {here} for Teacher's Notebook for Egypt and {TpT} and {TN} for China.

So, I hope you'll check them out and tell me what you think!  My goal is to blog at least once/week (if not more) about what I'm doing to get ready for next year and *hopefully* share a few freebies! :)


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