Saturday, May 4, 2013

Keeping Busy With a Hodgepodge of Activities!

Feel the same way?

With the end of the year fast approaching (yikes!  16 days - scary but exciting at the same time!), we're starting to begin review mode with centers and other areas as we're still trying to finish up units!

So, I thought I'd show you what I've been working on this week.

Our butterflies emerged from their chrysalis!  We said goodbye on Wednesday (all 5 made it!).  It was hard, because at first, they didn't want to come out!  We made sure to release them in the field behind our school, near the woods and away from the playground and bus loop!

 Our "Flat Stanleys" started coming in this week!  So far, our Stanleys have visited Newport News (VA), Utah (Great Salt Lake), Texas (Austin), and California (Fort Irwin).

We are finishing up our prefix/suffix unit and I was rather disgusted with some of the sheets I had because they combined prefixes (which is a good thing because it saves paper, right?) but was wrong for the order I was teaching it in!  My kiddos do better with an activity on the carpet and then an independent one at their seat to "seal" their learning.

So, if you're not happy, change it, right?  I created a set of activity sheets with ONE prefix or suffix per page, and made them look fun so my kiddos would enjoy themselves as well as learning (very important this time of year to catch their attention!).  

I also played around with some shapes on Microsoft Publisher and created flowers.  I always do a flower activity to decorate our tree in the hallway with prefixes and suffixes!  I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out!

I also had a few review items I've made previously and then realized I hadn't shared nor had I put them on TpT or TN!  These I've either already used or are using them for review (or both!).  Click on the pictures on the ones you'd like to check out closer!

Okay, well, sorry for the double blog post today but Blogger's schedule kinda messed me up with the announcement of the Teacher's Notebook sale/drawing.  I also saw where they are offering a $5,000 scholarship to an online university for a Master's in Teaching!  That's in addition to the drawing they're holding for the $100 Oriental Trading Gift Card.  Wow!  You can click on the link in my earlier post to take you there! (I'll be adding a sidebar one soon!).

Be sure to check out my sale thru the 10th - everything in my store SHOULD be (I say should because I found one item that had gotten overlooked!) 50% off and with TN's extra 10% off, that's 55%!!!!!  Please be sure to stock up - it's a great opportunity!  Several items are less than 50 cents!!!!


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