Sunday, May 5, 2013

Currently, Sales, Sales Everywhere!

Do you feel appreciated?

Both TpT and Teacher's Notebook are throwing Teacher Appreciation Sales!

Teacher's Notebook has a sale,drawing, and information about a grant on their site.  You can save up to 55%!

Teachers Pay Teachers also has a sale that goes from May 7-8 (although a lot of sales, like mine, start today) where stores give you up to 20% off, then TpT on the 7th and 8th gives you an EXTRA 10% off (making 28%).  

I have to admit, I didn't hear about this sale until the weekly Sunday email....not sure if I missed something, but a couple of my fellow sellers said they never received an email beforehand either.  Not sure if it's a communication snafu on their part, or something on mine.....nor did I hear about being paid monthly?  Anywho, the email's still up because I went directly to TpT and signed up for a sale!  Who doesn't love a sale???

 Two day sale

 And now, hooking up with Farley for the May Currently!

 Kind of self-explanatory.  Not sure if I should switch that "wanting" and "needing"!

I'll focus on my "bucket list."  During the year, I started out well with a friend of mine doing Zumba right after school in the classroom.  We'd cover the windows and door and get moving!  It was great - no need to worry about fitting it in between schoolwork and dinner, etc.  Then, her schedule changed and she couldn't stay anymore. And you know how that goes - I lost my motivation, told myself I'd do it "later" because I had to get things done before going home, etc.

So, I gave myself a "break" and promised myself that YES, I WILL do it this summer!  I tried to do this last summer and got oh-so-lazy.  This year, though, I am thoroughly disgusted with my body so that will be motivation enough! :)

BG/WC - we have season passes, live hour and a half from Williamsburg VA so it's usually a weekly thing and it's part of the loads of fun I have with my kids during the summer being a "stay at home" mom!  

Cleaning up my digital files - yeah, I have things in there I have not used since creating them in 2009 or before! Yikes!  I'm going to copy my network folder onto my external hard drive and work on at least a folder a day.  It's also a great time to clean up those flash drives!

Then, when I can, I'll upload it back onto the school's network folder later in the summer.  Plus, I have some great ideas that I made in the past, but the end result didn't exactly meet what was in my head, so having a little "redo" party and revisiting those ideas!  Thanks Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers/Notebook for putting this pressure on me!!! Just kidding. :)

Sooo...that's it for now.  Going to head out and do the rule of 3 for Farley (I find so many interesting blogs that way!).  Then getting ready for Monday - yikes!  Excited yet nervous - will I get it all in before May 28????


Heather LeBlanc said...

I am so glad I found your Currently! Love your site! My daughter is in love with Taylor Swift, so most of my day is spent listening to her, too :)

Kimberlee :) said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog - love your site, here!!! You made me remember that I need to clean up my Pin Boards, rather than the digital files... so much to do, so little time. Hope y'all enjoy your vacation!! :) Also, thanks so much for the book titles. Not sure if I have to stick with the ones the GA Frameworks has or if they will let me venture out??... we shall see. I have Zumba for the Wii and seriously need to get it back out!! :)

~ Kimberlee ~
iTeach 5th

Mrs. Youel said...

Yes, my daughter is at well (she's 6 and is convinced she, Katy Perry, or Justin Beiber should come to her birthday party in September!).

Had a great time visiting your blog as well! :) I'm one of your newest followers!

Mrs. Youel said...

Don't you just love standards? Yeah, we are pretty rigid here in VA with our "SOLs".....they normally don't dictate novels, but maybe if you have some time your kids can read them! :) Congrats on 5th grade - it's a fun age! :)

Jacqui said...

sounds like a fun summer! I want to try out zumba as well. I love to dance and it sounds like a fun way to stay fit.

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