Thursday, April 4, 2013

Confusion in the Ranks

Well, sorta, not really, but it was a catchy title! :)

After being sick for most of spring break (what IS it about our bodies that they're like, hey-on break-let's take all those germs we've been exposed to and get sick!!!), I finally am into school for a few hours to work.  

Anyway, in getting my new-found obsession - aka "continent boxes" - sorted with the materials I've found/bought so far (obviously this is going to be an on-going project!  Check out my Pinterest page on Geography for more details/links), I'm at a loss for one particular country.


Is it considered part of Europe or Asia?

Everything I see says both, or says it's really "Eurasia."  Honestly, if I didn't have to teach China after this, I'd just combine the boxes, but I don't think the higher ups who create the standards would want me to teach "Eurasia."  Heck, it was hard enough to teach the 5th ocean and get people to accept it! (Southern - it surrounds Antarctica).

I guess its a big debate for me because my kiddos this year are so concrete, I'm not sure if they'll get its part of both continents.  (Heck, they were surprised that "North America" wasn't just USA or sadly, for some of them, Virginia).

I found this HUGE debate on Yahoo Answers, but it's five years old (and let's face it - that part of the world is a cartographer's nightmare!).  It seems that although the culture is mostly European-based, most of the land lies in Asia.  Then again, some brought up the point that the farther east you go, the more Asian the culture is.  *sigh*

I'd just skip it, but I'm also putting together a Powerpoint/SMART presentation on each continent. Not to mention, the anal organized part of me wants to figure out what box to put my resources in!

So, I'm asking for the professionals' help (the teachers!).  

Do you think Russia should be considered part of Europe or Asia?  

Please comment below and let me know what you think in your professional opinions!

Yes, I know, I can teach both....or I could do as one person wrote "Russia is Russia - it's not part of anything"  Hah hah.  Not.  

That kind of thinking is what has my kids thinking that the USA IS North America! :(


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