Saturday, January 26, 2013

Whew! Finally Finished!

Okay, so maybe that should've been my first few words, but it's how I feel right now!  At looooong math investigations vocabulary cards for my math focus wall are DONE!  I don't know why, but this set seemed to take the looooongest time to complete!

Of course, now I have to print them at home (no color copier at school), laminate, and stick a magnet on the back of them, but considering we're still hanging around unit 5 (hope to be finished by next week!), it wasn't quite a rush for me.

I had several requests though, which excited me.  I mean, people who WANT me to make things.  It's like the little glow I get every time I get a comment on the blog or a positive comment at one of the teacher stores.  It means woo hoo!  I'm doing something right! :)

Three of us were talking today because (sadly) we were at school because it was open (good thing after two snow days and a state rep coming in to observe on Monday!).  Isn't it funny how teachers, who (if you're like us) continue to get paycuts, but here we are - working weekends, extra hours, etc.  

My husband always wants to know why I can't use the same units year after year.  Well, for one, I explain to him, my classes are different every year.  This year, even though I had the collab class last year, the kiddos I have this year are a bit lower and I can't quite use the same things.  That, and I'm weird and can never follow "scripted" units....even my own!!!!  Its one reason I love Pinterest and teacher blogs - I'm always getting good ideas and like a chipmunk, storing it away till the right time!

He, of course, then just shakes his head and when my daughter declares she's going to be a teacher when she grows up, he leaves the room.  Hah! :)

Anyway, back to these cards.  I've noticed a lot of vocabulary is repeated over the units so I tried to make the pictures slightly different.  I mean, these ARE the end units - they've had some of these terms since Unit 1!  So, hopefully if you've been following me with these cards, you'll like these just as well.

I've also decided to bundle the whole nine units together and sell for one price, as well as keep the individual ones that people have already bought.  

Here's a peek:

Click on the pictures above to link to TpT or click {here} for Teacher's Notebook.


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