Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Sales!

Both Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook are having SUPER SALES for Superbowl weekend!

All my products in both stores will be on sale.  :)  If you are a TpT shopper, you can save up to 28%.  Teacher's Notebook members save a little more. :)  Be sure to check out both sales this coming weekend.  Also, Teacher's Notebook has announced that their site will be down on January 31st in order to bring us new, better, and bigger changes! 

I'm excited - I already enjoy the "friendly look" to their site, so I have to wonder what exactly they're going to do?

So, be sure to check out both sites.  I plan on going in sometime before, starting up a "wish list" and TRYING to control my spending.  Hah!  (Good thing the hubby never checks the paypal account!).

I have no idea who is playing the Superbowl this year - I know the Ravens and someone else, from the 2 sports fans in the house.  I just watch for the commercials.  Still lovin' this one though from a few years back.....hate to admit it, I had a job like that once.....

Enjoy and happy shopping!


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