Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Vacation? Not Really....

Any of the rest of you have that?  I mean, I can sleep in and set my own schedule (yippeee!), but right now I'm helping a friend in her classroom merge her items with that of a retiring teacher who left her 30+ years of things (which are GOOD!).  I always have my "to do" list over the summer, so other than sleeping in and not going into my classroom (they ban us until the floors are done!), it's very similar to my school-year weekends! :)

Well, as we merge the 1,001 books together :) and organize them into categories and tubs, we ended up with a pile of classic, good stories, but nowhere to classify them.  I suggested we make them "sub plan" books...you know, where you're able to pull one and have a sub read it aloud to the class and have a few follow-up activities.

I mean, if you're like me, don't you write about 5 pages of sub plans?  I drag myself in unless I'm running a fever because those plans are so lengthy (but they have to be!).  

Anyway, so last night I focused on two of her books...In a People House and It's Not Easy Being a Bunny and came up with two activities.  I LOVE working with books and follow-up activities (guess it's the media specialist in me!), so I enjoyed doing it (yes, my husband says I'm weird!).  This way, I also know I'm helping her out (and myself as well...even though she teaches Kindergarten and I am second...I could use some of the activities for my lower readers!).....we're going to slip the book and activities in a ziploc bag and have it in a tote so she can just pull it for her sub to use, with directions and everything!  

Thought I'd share the idea as well as the links to the two books below on TpT and TN.  Still having my sale on TN....so if you'd like to check it out....each packet is 50 cents through this Saturday or Sunday, I believe!



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