Monday, June 11, 2012

Currently and Last Week of School!

Wow!  Okay, so this was the last week of school!  Monday was field day/5th grade graduation (that would be my "baby"...well, really, my oldest, but aren't they always your baby???), Wednesday was 11am dismissal, Thursday teacher workday, and Friday I got to be a mom and go register my son for 6th grade -- middle school!  
To explain, we live in one county and I teach in the county next door.  So, the plan has always been that the kids would attend elementary school with me and then go to middle and high schools in the county we live in.  

Makes sense, right?  

Well, we were a little nervous UNTIL Jack found out 2 things:  Spring semester, he'll be taking a computer course for one of his electives where he will design and build robots and rockets and 2) there's an after-school Lego robotics club.  Oh yeah, that went a LOOOONG way with him! :)  Makes me happy that HE's happy and excited to go!  Of course, I joked with him in front of the counselor that I could teach up to 8th grade (where she then stated that they have openings in the English department....very politely told her I was happy where I was!).  It seems like it's going to be a good fit for him.  Fingers are crossed.  Calendars ALMOST match up.  We start Wed. August 15th.  He'll start August 22nd.  We'll figure something out.  

Last day of school is 11am dismissal.  We spent the first hour cleaning and stacking chairs, desks, and things on the counter.  I had downloaded the free "Minute to Win It" game from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits to fill the rest of the time.  OMG!  The kids LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!! What a FANTASTIC way to end the year!  They had a blast!  We split into teams (although I told the kids they were playing against the clock, not each other) and did 2 students at a time for each "event."  I got lots of pictures, but missed on one of the funniest ones because I was laughing too hard.  It was the one where the kids have vaseline on their noses, and they have to transfer cotton balls from one plate to another, using only their nose.  Too funny!!!!!  The best pictures came from the kids trying to move cookies from their forehead down to their mouths using only facial muscles.  Classic!  I promise I will post pictures when I can find my camera.  It was just in my purse this morning.  Hmmm.

Okay, the summer to do list...obviously, the house has been severely neglected during the school year.  Embarrassingly so.  So, I'm trying to do one room every couple of days.  TRYING to get my husband involved as well.  He did okay with our closet today, I have to admit!  Laundry mountain needs to be conquered as well.  Then, there's the "self-improvement" know, the ZUMBA.  I swear, it's the only way I can lose weight!  Dieting does NOT work!  If I do it every day (the 20 minute express on my DVD), it will actually help!  I'd LOVE to walk into teacher workdays a few sizes smaller....strutin' my stuff, so to speak!  I will also have to repeat my mantra that Sheetz is still 15 minutes from my house and I do NOT have to go there each day, even if I'm eating a salad!!!!  Then, of course, there's the little projects I want to do for school units, things I want to make for TpT/TN, etc.  

Then, there's my best friend who teaches Kindergarten.  Who every year, I finish my room then I go to help her finish her room (at another school).  This year, it's not just her stuff.  She accepted things from a retiring 30+ years teacher.  Granted, it's GOOD STUFF.  But there is NO WHERE to put it!  And we are trying to organize it and merge it in with her things.....can we say "teacher hoarders"???? LOL  

I admit, I'm one too.  I was doing the disclaimer for my assistant principal as we were going down the hallway to check me out for the summer.  I mean, last year, our old assistant had said "GOOD GOLLY! THAT'S A LOT OF STUFF!!!" when she came to check me out (we have to get everything off the floor, and since I use a lot of shelves, baskets, bean bags, etc, it was all piled on top of my the ceiling...hey, we have no closets!).  Funny thing was, he didn't say anything.  He just nodded, signed my paper and left.  Well, it was lunch time, so maybe his mind was on that.

So, anyway, I am spending the next week helping my friend combine her things.  It's a bit overwhelming.  I mentioned the organized classroom blog and got a glare from her today.  So, we're trying.  The books at least got somewhat organized today.  Then, we're combining hers with them tomorrow.  Whew!  

So, she did NOT want me to ask for any suggestions...she just said we have to work through what she has.  No money for extra containers - we have to use what she has (she has a teenager, so she has no money!).  Good thing is, I don't think she'll ever have to buy anything for school again. EVER!  AND I get to borrow whatever I want, like this life-size teepee for Native Americans.  However, if you want to comment a suggestion....well, maybe she'll be too busy to read this post. :)


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