Friday, October 6, 2017

Dewey of the Month

Sorry for the drought between posts - I have so much to share of what we did this summer in the library, what we're doing this year so far, and my future plans for the library.....which I hope to be more consistent and get to!  However, today, I decided to share something I've been working on the side for a couple months that I JUST finished (and had a few moments to share!).

First, I was so excited to finally get a bulletin board in my library!
I have pictures of students in the Makerspace (and their creations), Genre of the Month, and Dewey of the Month.  I also have points for "Adopt a Shelf" which I do with grades 3-5.
I call this "Dewey of the Month" but it can really be any length of time - day, month, week, fortnight, etc. 

In trying to highlight my nonfiction section to my students, I liked the idea of highlighting an area that was popular (at first) and then delve into the lesser known areas. I've displayed 3 Dewey circles on a bulletin board in the library, as well as in a display outside the library. When I introduced it to students, I encouraged them to find the section and, if they checked out a book from it, to fill out a slip that would be drawn for a monthly prize. Students now are more interested in checking the board to see what type of Dewey numbers are highlighted, as well as finding those areas a little easier (and paying more attention to the shelf labels!). 

Another idea is to display the circles on the actual shelves itself, to draw attention to them.

I hope you find success with a Dewey program and having your students become more proficient in finding nonfiction books in the library!  You can click on the pictures to see it in my TPT store.


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