Sunday, February 21, 2016

Service Dogs

We had a service dog come visit and its handler (a former student of mine!) talked with the students about what a service dog is, its job, and what to do (and not do) when you’re around one.  After our brief presentation, we rotated students to different stations/activities that were all dog-themed in some way. 

 Station #1:  Reading:  We pulled nonfiction dog –themed books from the library on all different breeds of dogs, stories about rescue dogs, service dogs, special dogs, etc.  Students could either
picture walk or read more about dogs. (As you can tell, it was our 100th day!).
Station #2:  Coloring:  Students had a choice of 2 color sheets:  a generic dog sheet (that students could decorate to look like our guest) and another that reminded students to let service dogs do
their jobs.  I downloaded this from and added a frame.  These could be shared with family members as students taught others about service animals.
Station #3:  Measuring:  Students used cubes, pawprints, and blocks to measure heights and widths of dogs on both an activity sheet and dogs on laminated card.   Students also had the
opportunity to play with a balance with the cubes, plastic dogs, and other related materials.
Station #4:  Puzzles:  I printed out, laminated, and cut the sheets apart.  I intentionally left them blank for use, but you can record numbers, letters, etc. of what you want students to put in
order, or you can simply leave the bottom blank and have them focus on the picture.
Station #5:  Students go to meet Halligan up close and, with his vest off, they knew they could pet him and maybe read a story to him during this station.

The math stations were a big hit with the students and teachers, so I uploaded them to my TPT store.  You can check them out {here}.


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