Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It's Back to School Time!

Oh my  - day 3 of back to school and this is the first time we've been able to work in our rooms!  Of course, being in the library, that included cleaning up after the Monday meeting that was held in here - stray cups, pencils, highlighters, a bag of tomatoes (???) get the idea.

So, after laminating for teachers, I'm able to finally do some things for me as I look over last year's plans and revamp because I am the type of person who can never teach things the same way twice! LOL  Of course, last year, I was a naive classroom teacher coming into the library, so my idea of centers and activities for the kids was a bit, well, naive.  So, not doing the "get to know you" activities this year that I still have a ton of copies from last year (maybe there's some teachers I can donate those to!).  I had also naively thought I could create a book for each class (so I could learn names I didn't know) by using a cute photo booth.  Yeah.  744 kids.  It didn't happen and fortunately none of the kids thought any more of it!!!

So, I found two things I wanted to share for the beginning of the year!  One is a book care packet that I used with all my classes to talk about how to take care of books.  With fourth and fifth, I just used the poster as a review, but I used the activities for my PreK-3 classes.  They seemed to enjoy it.  I made enough of each sorting activity so that each table could work on it, then check out books. After, they colored bookmarks that stated they would take care of their books.  That was the start of the demand for bookmarks with cute clipart to color.  So I went ahead and posted what I created last year and saved in a "bookmark" file (I'm sure there are some in other files, but I haven't pulled those out yet!) as a bookmark bundle.  I will definitely add to it, and there's everything from Avengers to Minecraft to Monster Trucks to biography/famous people to....well, you get the idea!

So, if you're interested, head over to my TpT store to check these things out by clicking on the pictures below!  I hope to be sharing my behavior plan that I did last year soon as well!


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