Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Superhero Academy.....At the Library! Summer Session #3

Wow, I had the BEST turnout for Superhero Day!  I had over 20 kids show up, and I have to say, sooo glad I had set up so many active stations!  I don't know if the timing was right - that vacations were over, boredom was setting in, I wasn't competing with Bible School - not sure, but from what some of the kids told me, Minecraft coming up on the 24th might be even more packed!

I'm glad so many kids showed up.  While I've been happy with my response so far, it was exciting that so many kids showed up this time and had so much fun!  I had two teachers show up with their families and they were highly complimentary of all the activities.  Each of my sessions I've tried to make so that both younger and older students will have fun and it can be enjoyed on many levels.  I am a little disappointed that my administrators haven't stuck their head in the library just to see what it's all about, but I also know they have their own summer agenda.

So, Superhero Academy started out similar to Spy Training.  It started with a welcome and suggested activity list.  Once students finished all the stations, they were invited to fill out a badge that listed their superhero name and strengths.  This time, I was able to include a photo booth, something I wanted at the other sessions but never had enough time to make.  I gathered a lot of my activities from Pinterest pages, but I've included a link to my Google Drive folder {here} so you can see what I downloaded (all free - including my planning pages and signs).  Since most of the activities were more physical, the file includes bookmarks, coloring pages, the badge (which I copied double-sided), and a few more things.  Capstone publishing had an amazing amount of pages to download, which you'll find in the file.  If you'd like to check out my Pinterest page on summer activities, you can click {here} for that.

So, pictures are worth a thousand words, right?  I'll let them show you how the day went!  Our next day, Minecraft, is coming up this Friday, so watch for me to blog about that soon!  Even my 14 year old son has said he'd be interested in coming that day! :)


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