Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blogger Exchange Goodies!

This summer, I participated in a back to school blogger exchange!
I've always read about these before, but never knew how to participate.  Well, let me tell you - being on Instagram this summer gave me so many "how tos" and connecting with other teachers - it was amazing!  I LOVE my blog, but Instagram is so cool because, well, it's instant and you can just share and put a blurb and get feedback!

So, I was paired up with Marcy at "Saddle Up for Second Grade." 
We follow each other on Instagram and too funny - we posted pics but did not realize we were paired with one another!  Good thing we didn't give too much away!

This is what Marcy sent me:

We both have animal themed rooms (hers is zebras), and we ended up getting each other the animal masks from Michael's.  Funny!

See those scissors?  They were the first thing I opened!  I should share with you about our scissors saga at my house.  Long story short, we lose EVERY PAIR OF STINKIN' SCISSORS THAT COME IN OUR HOUSE!  Seriously!  One of these days, we're going to find 100s of pairs of scissors from Dollar Tree in our house.  I have NO IDEA where they go!  We even have a drawer for markers, stamps, etc. and I try to put them in there, but they are always misplaced.  

Trust me, I am making sure these babies stay in a safe place!  My husband loves them since they have a bigger hole for your hands when you cut, so I know he doesn't want them lost.  For now, they're living in my school bag.  Hah!

The pens were the second thing I've opened and LOVE THEM.  I love these types of pens, where they look like marker, but are pens and do not smear.  I have a marker confession I'll insert here.  Every time I use markers, they always, always, always leave a mark on my hand.  Have no idea why or how, they just do. *sigh*  Anywho, these pens do not do that.  Yippee!  

Scentos stamps - big hit with the kiddos this week.  The journal - Marcy suggested I use it to write down funny things kids say to look at when I'm having a bad day.  Such a cute idea!  Love the giraffe spots!  Hiding in the back is a dry erase frame.  It didn't quite make it from Texas, but the glass was soon replaced and is now sitting at my desk.  It's great to use for reminders and replaces the sticky notes that use to be all over my desk!

Thank you Marcy for such a cool haul!  Be sure to check out Covered In Glitter and Glue's linky party, and definitely be sure to check out Marcy's blog:  Saddle Up for Second Grade, and follow both these ladies on Instagram!


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