Sunday, August 12, 2012

More pics from the classroom

Okay this is a bit of an experiment....blogging and taking pics with smartphone using the blogger app. My apologies if things are misspelled, etc.

I am trying to cause some excitement with my students by making writing more of a "whodunit " activity. The kids won't know what's behind the "curtain" until we explore it more and they can guess.  I'll be writing more grammar adventures to go along with this, but when my friend was getting rid of this mystery theme, I jumped on it!  My apologies for the sideways pics, but you get the idea (I couldn't get it all in one shot).  Anyone know how to change that using your phone?  Something tells me I won't be doing this as much! :P

Also pictured are my literacy centers.  I hope to take "action shots" with the kids....looking at the pic, they look kinda dull (which does not seem worth 3+ hours of work yesterday!).  Okay, well, Open House is tomorrow so I'm hoping the parents will like the room as well as the kiddos!  Thanks for the compliments from my earlier post in my room! :)


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